Symptoms of Physical Exhaustion Can Lead to Danger

The symptoms of physical exhaustion may be different for every person and not every occurrence of exhaustion may be the same for that particular person either. Exhaustion may be associated with a variety of symptoms and warning signs. Based on recent studies, physical exhaustion can manifest into various medical issues and is considered one of the most prevalent health problems that exist today.

Symptoms of Physical Exhaustion What It causes?

– Excessive physical exercise
– Extreme heat exposure (or heat exhaustion)
– Sleep deprivation
– Disease or illness

Identifying the signs and symptoms early on is crucial in order to get the proper treatment needed.

What are some common symptoms of physical exhaustion?

– CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)


CFS is a condition that causes pain, aching, soreness and a general discomfort in the body. It produces chronic bouts of tiredness and fatigue and may be a tenacious symptom of exhaustion.

– Persistent lethargy and lack of energy

When a person consistently feels drowsy, listless, sluggish, lazy or completely unmotivated, they may likely suffer from a clear-cut case of exhaustion. Trying to get through the day may seem like an insurmountable task and/or the idea of taking a nap is overwhelming.

– Abnormal sleep patterns

Irregular sleep patterns are a common cause of physical exhaustion. Moreover, since sleep deprivation is also considered a cause of exhaustion, this creates a vicious cycle of many sleepless nights and extreme unrest for both mind and body. It would seem obvious that a person suffering from extreme fatigue should be able to fall asleep easier and stay asleep, but unfortunately, the body frequently responds in the exact opposite manner.

– Mental confusion

Physical exhaustion may eventually cause on-going mental confusion, absentmindedness, short-term loss of memory and dizziness. You may walk into a room and completely forget the reason for going there. Misplacing car keys or other items is also common among people with forgetfulness and a lack of concentration, which may stem from exhaustion. Dizziness, or even fainting happens when the brain is not receiving enough oxygen. If left untreated, this can cause serious physical injuries, especially when driving a car.

– Rapid or abnormal heart rate

Another serious indicator of exhaustion may be an abnormal or rapid heartbeat; predominately caused by extreme heat or an intense activity. A lengthy exposure to excessive heat may compromise the heart’s strength to deliver enough blood throughout the body. As the heart strives to pump an adequate amount of oxygen through the bloodstream, the heart rate may remain beating at an intense rate even after the body has cooled down or the activity has ceased. Even though the heart rate is elevated, the pulse becomes weak and impalpable.

Other symptoms of physical exhaustion may include achy muscles, a persistent sore throat, joint pain, sore lymph nodes, and frequent headaches. If one or more of these symptoms continue in excess of 2 – 3 weeks, it may be time to call your doctor and get a diagnosis.

Lastly, symptoms of physical exhaustion may produce an overall decreased sense of awareness and can seriously impair one’s judgment when driving a car, operating machinery or performing other work related tasks, which could lead to making poor decisions and ultimately endanger their life and the lives of others as well.

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